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Special Purpose Circuit Breakers
—PowerMark Gold Main Circuit Breakers
—Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
—Dual Function GFCI/AFCI Ground Fault
& Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breaker
—Ground Fault with Self-Test Feature
—Ground Fault with Equipment Protection
—Switching Neutral
—HID Lighting Breaker
—High Magnetic Breaker
—Molded Case Switch
—Surge Arrester
—TQ Breaker
Copper stabs, tin-plated for corrosion resistance,
make the connection reliable and permanent.
Heat-resistant thermoset cases and covers add
stability and structural rigidity.
Trips are easy to spot because handles trip to the
center position.
The dedicated calibration screw is cemented (not
simply papered over) to prevent shifting. The result is
stable calibration for optimum trip performance.
At 1/2”, THQP breakers are half the width of standard breakers, permitting the use of smaller
load centers that save money and space in both new construction and service upgrades. They
feature the same high-performance design, and meet the same stringent standards as other Q-
Line breakers. Our 1” THQL will remain the breaker of choice for many contractors. In applica-
tions where space and cost are not critical, they’re an excellent choice. But when size and money
are driving considerations, THQP breakers are the smart choice.
Enclosed circuit
breakers make it
easy and efficient
to install exterior
main breakers.
arresters are easy to
install and protect the
whole house – comput-
ers, fax machines, televi-
sions, stereos, VCRs and
other sensitive electronic
equipment – from
destructive surges.
Maximum protection
against all-too-common
electrical fires comes
from the new technology
built into GE’s arc fault
circuit interrupters (AFCIs).
With its ability to detect
and interrupt arcing
caused by damaged wire
insulation or a frayed extension cord, the AFCI takes
home and family protection to a new, higher level.
The NEC requires ground fault protection of receptacles outdoors and
in garages, bathrooms and spa areas. These ground fault circuit
interrupters eliminate the need for separate GFCI receptacles, protect
against short circuits and overloads, and prevent shock by detecting
very low levels of current leaks and immediately shutting off power to
the circuit.
Section 1Load Centers and Circuit Breakers
Q-Line Circuit Breakers
Reliability and Economy
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