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PowerMark Gold load centers lower your costs by making installa-
tion faster and easier, increasing application flexibility and reduc-
ing inventory requirements. At the same time, they deliver obvious
and significant advances in design, function and quality.
—UL Listed (Panelboards No. 67)
—Suitable for Use as Service Entrance Equipment when installed
in accordance with National Electrical Code
—60°C/75°C Conductor Rating
—Single phase, 40-225A, 2-42 circuits
—Main lug models field convertible to main breaker
—Main breaker 22kAIC standard - factory installed
—All load centers top or bottom feed
—Indoor and outdoor rated enclosures
—Indoor fronts combination surface/flush
—Copper bus with tin plating standard
—Split neutrals extend the full length of the interior for ease of wiring
—Entire main lug line converts easily to main breaker
—Combination surface/flush front with spring-reinforced pan
—Combination slotted/Robertson square-drive screws on neutral,
ground, front and breaker lugs
—Front packed in inner carton for added protection
—Field installable feed-through lugs up to 200A
—Straight-through main wiring
—Main breaker is clearly marked and circuit numbers are stamped
on front
—Isolated ground bar is available
—Compact box maintains optimum wire-bending space
Safety accessories – convenient and easy to install
—THQLSURGE whole house surge protector
—Arc fault circuit interrupter breaker, 1- or 2-pole
—Ground fault circuit interrupter breaker, 5mA and 30mA
—Generator transfer panel – 30A or 60A, indoor or outdoor
—GE AC disconnects
Packaging features comprehensive
selection and application data.
Fronts are packed in inner cartons
for added protection during shipment
and at the job site.
Main lug load centers offer an economical
solution for subpanels and similar applications.
All main lug units 125A and above convert easily
to main breaker.
GE’s residential load centers reach into
commercial applications as well, with riser
panels, auxiliary gutters, three-phase units
with standard 22kAIC ratings, and all the
accessories needed to complete the job.
The PowerMark Gold
line includes a wide
range of outdoor as
well as indoor units.
A complete family of meter socket load centers — ring style
and ringless, wide and narrow, meter mains, farm panels and
more — deliver specialized solutions for special situations.
speeds screw
All holes rated
for 14-4 wire
100% rated
split neutral
on each side
Accepts GE Q-Line branch
circuit breakers, including
GE’s exclusive 1/2" THQPs
Main breaker configura-
tion allows top or bottom
feed without modification
Tie bar may be
removed to split
One-piece interior
removes and
reinstalls easily
Full-length neutrals
are easier to wire,
reducing installation
time and cost
Minimum 100%
Sturdy copper bus
and galvanized box
increase durability
and reliability
Section 1
Rev. 11/13
Data subject to change
without notice
Load Centers and Circuit Breakers
PowerMark Gold Load Centers
Highest Quality and Convenience
Three-phase PowerMark Plus load centers have aluminum bus with copper breaker
mounting stabs.
16 circuit and above.
Accessories and Options
—Door lock and handle —Hardware kits
—Equipment ground kits —Main breaker retainers
—Sub-feed and feed-thru lugs —Neutral kits
—Front filler plates —Universal raintight hubs
—Handle lock and ties