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[3]-1. Blade case, Motor section (cont.)
4x18 Tapping screw
1. Remove Carbon brushes from
Motor housing.
Lead cover holder
Blade case
(3) Motor section can be disassembled from Blade case as illustrated in Figs. 13 and 14.
Fig. 13
Fig. 14
Fig. 15
2. Remove 4x18 Tapping screw,
Lead cover holder and Lead
Remove M6x80 Pan head screw (4pcs). Motor housing,
Motor bracket and Handle section can be separated from
Blade case.
3. Disconnect connectors of Laser
circuit from that of Power supply
M6x80 Pan head screw (4pcs.)
Motor bracket
(1) Make the drum portion of Rod 16 smooth by filing and applying grease.
Motor housing
Handle section
6x18 Tapping screw (6pcs.)
Remove Handle cover by unscrewing
6x18 Tapping screw (6pcs.). The electrical
parts in Handle can be replaced.
Motor housing
Handle cover
Lead cover
Before assembling, remove burr by scraping with file,
and apply grease to the drum portion for smooth assembling
Rod 16 into Sleeve 17.
Rod 16 removed in Fig.11 has burr
at the point on which Hex socket head
set bolt puts pressure.
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