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WARNING: Always use proper eye protection that conforms to ANSI Z87.1 (CAN/CSA
Z94.3) while operating this power trimmer.
WARNING: Disconnect the plug from the power source before making any assembly,
adjustments or changing accessories. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of
starting the trimmer accidentally.
CAUTION: Before you begin trimming, only use the appropriate type of cutting line.
CAUTION: Inspect area to be trimmed and remove any wire, cord, or string-like objects which
could become entangled in the rotating line or spool. Be particularly careful to avoid any wire which
might be bent outwardly into the path of the trimmer, such as barbs at the base of a chain link fence.
•Withtheuniton,angleunitandslowlyswingthetrimmersidetosideasshowninfigure I.
•Maintainacuttingangleof5°to10°asshowninfigure I1.Donotexceed10°(figure I2). Cut
with the tip of the line. To keep distance from hard surfaces use edge guide (7).
in figure I1. To acheive this distance adjust the overall height of the trimmer as shown in figure G.
WARNING: Disconnect the plug from the power source before making any adjustments.
The trimmer can be used in trimming mode or edging mode to trim overhanging grass along
lawn edges and flower beds.
WARNING: When being used as an Edger, stones, pieces of metal and other objects can
be thrown out at high speed by the line. The trimmer and guard are designed to reduce the
danger. However, MAKE SURE that other persons and pets are at least 100 feet (30m) away.
•Tooperateasamaintenanceedger,turn the collar (5) as shown in figure G.
•Holdthemetalshaftandrotatethelowerhousing180°asshowninfigure J.
•Turnthecollar back until tight.
NOTE: The metal shaft and housing will only rotate in one direction.
•Toreturntothetrimmingposition,loosenthelockcollarand rotate the lower housing back
Your string trimmer is equipped with Smart Edge Technology that will automatically shift to a more
Optimum cutting results are achieved on edges deeper than 2 inches (50 mm).
Do not use this trimmer to create trenches.
Using the edging wheel (7), guide the trimmer as shown in figure K.
• Positiontheedgingwheelontheedgeofthesidewalkorabrasivesurfacesothecutting
line is over the grass or dirt area to be edged.
The Auto Feed System may not operate correctly if wheeled edge guide is not used.
NOTE: You will experience faster than normal cutting line wear if the edging wheel is positioned
too far from the edge with the cutting line positioned over the sidewalk or abrasive surface.
To make a closer cut, slightly tilt the trimmer.
Return to the trimming postion by loosening the lock collar and rotating the lower housing
Your trimmer uses .065 inch (1.65 mm) diameter, ROUND nylon line. During use, the
tips of the nylon lines will become frayed and worn and the special self feeding spool will
automatically feed and trim a fresh length of line. Cutting line will wear faster and require more
feeding if the cutting or edging is done along sidewalks or other abrasive surfaces or heavier
weeds are being cut. The advanced automatic line feeding mechanism senses when more
cutting line is needed and feeds and trims the correct length of line whenever it’s required. DO
NOT BUMP trimmer on ground in attempt to feed line or for any other purposes.