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1. These cartridges do not supply oxygen. Do not use in atmospheres containing less than 19.5%
2. Do not use when concentrations of contaminants
- are immediately dangerous to life or health,
- are unknown,
- are greater than 10 times the permissible exposure limit (PEL) with half facepiece
respirators and full facepiece respirators when qualitatively fit tested.
- are greater than 50 times the PEL with full facepiece respirators when quantitatively fit
tested, or
- exceed specific OSHA standards or applicable government regulations, whichever is lower.
3. Do not alter, clean (e.g. vacuum, wash, use compressed air), abuse or misuse these cartridges
and/or respirator.
4. Do not use with beards or other facial hair or other conditions that prevent a good seal between
the face and the sealing surface of the respirator.
Time Use Limitations
Replace cartridge in accordance with an established change schedule or earlier if smell, taste or
irritation from contaminants is detected.
Special Instructions for 3M Mercury Vapor or Chlorine Gas Cartridge
3M™ Mercury Vapor Cartridges (6009 and 60929) are equipped with passive 3M™ End of Service
Life Indicators (ESLI). The color change indicator must be readily visible when wearing the
respirator without manipulation. If you cannot readily see the ESLI, do not use. The mercury vapor
cartridges must be discarded when the ESLI changes to the discard color found on the mercury
vapor cartridge label; or within 30 days of opening packaging; or when ESLI becomes dirty or
damaged; or when odors of vapors or gases become noticeable, whichever occurs first. Mercury
vapor has no odor.
NIOSH approval: See NIOSH approval label insert.
In United States, contact:
Website: www.3M.com/OccSafety
Technical Assistance: 1-800-243-4630
For other 3M products:
1-800-3M-HELPS or 1-651-737-6501
3M Occupational Health and
Environmental Safety Division
3M Center, Building 0235-02-W-70