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Getting ready
The mop pad may have already
come attached to the mop head, if
not follow steps 1A and 1B below.
1. Add Freshening Disc and Attach Mop Pad
A. Insert Spring Breeze Freshening Disc
into pocket inside mop pad. Use the
whole disc for a refreshing scent or cut
in half for a lighter scent.
B. Set mop head in mop pad, making
sure quick-grip release tab is located
on the back.
2. Fill the water tank
A. Remove tank by lifting straight up
and away from unit.
B. Unscrew cap at bottom of water tank.
C. Fill water tank with water. For best
results, water should be at room
D. Replace the cap, tighten until snug.
E. Replace water tank by gently sliding
tank into place and press down firmly.
3. Twist the Quick Release™ cord wrap
clockwise to unwrap the power cord
completely and plug into a 120-Volt outlet
as described on the Important Safety
Instructions, page 3.
4. SmartSet™ Steam Select Indicator light
will glow when PowerFresh Steam Mop is
ready to use. Press the Steam Level button
to choose the level of steam you desire.
NOTE: Upon first use of the
PowerFresh™ Steam Mop or first
use after refilling the water tank,
the pump may make a "knocking"
sound. This is normal and should
only last a few seconds.
2A 2B
Use of distilled water is recom-
mended to prolong the life of your
PowerFresh Steam Mop,