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Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
Battery wonʼt charge. • Charger not plugged into a working outlet. Plug charger into a working outlet. Refer to
or not plugged into shear shrubber. “Important Charging Notes” for more details.
• Check current at receptacle by plugging in a
lamp or other appliance.
• Check to see if receptacle is connected to a
light switch which turns power off when you turn
out the lights.
• Charger plug not fully inserted into tool socket. • Check to be sure charger plug is fully inserted
into tool charging socket.
• Surrounding air temperature too hot or too cold. • Move charger and tool to a surrounding air
temperature of above 40 degree F(4.5°C) or
below 105 degree F (+40.5°C).
For assistance, visit our website www.blackanddecker.com for the location of the service center nearest you or call the BLACK &
DECKER help line at 1-800-544-6986.
See ‘Tools-Electric’
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