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of 15
stable platform. Holding the work by hand or
against your body leaves it unstable and may
lead to loss of control.
Residual Risks
In spite of the application of the relevant safety
regulations and the implementation of safety
devices, certain residual risks cannot be avoided.
These are:
Impairment of hearing.
Risk of personal injury due to flying particles.
Risk of burns due to accessories becoming hot
during operation.
Risk of personal injury due to prolonged use.
Markings on Tool
The following pictograms are shown on the tool:
Read instruction manual before use.
Wear ear protection.
Wear eye protection.
Wear respiratory protection.
The date code (t), which also includes the year of
manufacture, is printed into the housing.
2013 XX XX
Year of Manufacture
Package Contents
The package contains:
1 Adaptor for all blades
1 Dust extraction adaptor (DWE315K)
1 Cutting guide (DWE315K)
1 31mm x 43mm Fastcut wood blade
1 31mm x 43mm Wood with nails blade
1 100mm Semicircle blade (DWE315K)
1 Sanding-pad
25 Assorted sandpaper pieces
1 9.5mm x 43mm Wood detail blade
1 3mm Carbide grout removal blade
(100mm half moon) (DWE315K)
1 Rigid scraper blade
1 Hex key
1 Kit box (DWE315K)
1 Kit bag (DWE315B)
1 Instruction manual
1 Exploded drawing
Check for damage to the tool, parts or
accessories which may have occurred
during transport.
Take the time to thoroughly read and
understand this manual prior to operation.
Description (fi g. 1)
WARNING: Never modify the power
tool or any part of it. Damage or
personal injury could result.
a. Variable speed trigger
b. LED Worklight
c. Accessory clamp lever
d. Lock-on button
e. Accessory side mount slots
f. Cut guide block
g. Cut guide arm
This oscillating multi-tool is designed for professional
detail sanding, plunge cutting, flush cutting, removal
of excess materials and surface preparation
DO NOT use under wet conditions or in the
presence of flammable liquids or gases.
This oscillating multi-tool is a professional power
DO NOT let children come into contact with the
tool. Supervision is required when inexperienced
operators use this tool.
This product is not intended for use by persons
(including children) suffering from diminished
physical, sensory or mental abilities; lack of
experience, knowledge or skills unless they are
supervised by a person responsible for their
safety. Children should never be left alone with
this product.