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Switch action
Before plugging in the tool, always check to see
that the switch trigger actuates properly and returns
to the OFF position when released.
Switch can be locked in ON position for ease of
operator comfort during extended use. Apply
caution when locking tool in ON position and
maintain firm grasp on tool.
To start the tool, simply pull the switch trigger. Tool speed
is increased by increasing pressure on the switch trigger.
Release the switch trigger to stop.
For continuous operation, pull the switch trigger and then
push in the lock button.
To stop the tool from the locked position, pull the switch
trigger fully, then release it.
Speed adjusting dial (For JR3070CT)
The strokes per minute can be adjusted just by turning
the adjusting dial. This can be done even while the tool is
running. The dial is marked 1 (lowest speed) to 6 (full
speed). Turn the adjusting dial without positive stops
between 1 and 6 according to your work.
Refer to the table to select the proper speed for the work-
piece to be cut. However, the appropriate speed may dif-
fer with the type or thickness of the workpiece. In
general, higher speeds will allow you to cut workpieces
faster but the service life of the blade will be reduced.
If the tool is operated continuously at low speeds for
a long period of time, the operation life of the motor
will be reduced.
The speed adjusting dial can be turned only as far
as 6 and back to 1. Do not force it past 6 or 1, or the
speed adjusting function may no longer work.
The tools equipped with electronic function are easy to
operate because of the following features.
Constant speed control
Electronic speed control for obtaining constant speed.
Possible to get fine finish, because the rotating speed is
kept constant even under load condition.
Soft start feature
Safety and soft start because of suppressed starting
Always be sure that the tool is switched off and
unplugged before carrying out any work on the tool.
Installing or removing the saw blade
Always clean out all chips or foreign matter
adhering to the blade, blade clamp and/or slider.
Failure to do so may cause insufficient tightening of
the blade, resulting in a serious injury.
To install the saw blade, always make sure that the blade
clamp sleeve is in released position before inserting the
saw blade. If the blade clamp sleeve is in fixed position,
1. Switch trigger
2. Lock button
1. Adjusting dial
Number on adjusting dial Strokes per minute
Workpiece to be cut Number on adjusting dial
Wood 6
Autoclaved lightweight concrete
5 - 6
Mild steel 3 - 4
Aluminum 3 - 5
Plastics 1 - 4
Stainless steel 1 - 2