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Owner's of the Bostitch Nail Gun Bostitch Angled Finish Nailer gave it a score of 4.0 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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The trigger lockout control feature on BOSTITCH pneumatic tools provides a
trigger lock feature for added safety control. Push the lockout control button
in or out to activate or lock the tool trigger.
Always disconnect air supply before making adjustments as accidental actuation
may occur, possibly causing injury.
The BTFP72155/BTFP72156 feature a selectable trigger system that allows the user to choose
between the following modes of operation:
1. Contact Trip Operation 2. Sequential Trip Operation
The common operation procedure on “Contact Trip” tools is for the operator to contact the work surface
to actuate the trip mechanism while keeping the trigger pulled, thus driving a fastener each time the work
surface is contacted. This will allow rapid fastener placement on many jobs. All pneumatic tools are subject
to recoil when driving fasteners. The tool may bounce, releasing the trip, and if unintentionally allowed to
re-contact the work surface with the trigger still actuated (finger still holding the trigger pulled) an unwanted
second fastener will be driven.
The Sequential Trip requires the operator to hold the tool against the work before pulling the trigger. This
makes accurate fastener placement easier. The Sequential Trip allows exact fastener location without the
possibility if driving a second fastener on recoil as described under “Contact Trip”. The Sequential Trip Tool
has a positive advantage because it will not accidentally drive a fastener if the tool is contacted against the
work surface - or anything else - while the operator is holding the trigger pulled.
Trigger Lockout
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