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Rice is the perfect foundation for today’s healthier eating. It is a nutrient-dense complex carbohydrate that supplies energy, ber, essential vitamins and minerals and bene cial antioxidants.
Rice combines well with other healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, poultry, beans and soy foods.
Nearly 88% of rice consumed in the U.S. is grown in the U.S. Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Missouri produce high-quality varieties of short, medium and long grain
rice as well as specialty rices including jasmine, basmati, arborio, red aromatic and black japonica, among others.
There are many different varieties of rice available in the market. Your Aroma
Rice Cooker can cook any type perfectly every time. The following are the commonly available varieties of rice
and their characteristics:
Long Grain Rice
This rice has a long, slender kernel three to four times longer than its width. Due to its
starch composition, cooked grains are more separate, light and uffy compared to medium
or short grain rice. The majority of white rice is enriched to restore nutrients lost during
processing. Great for entrees and side dishes— rice bowls, stir-fries, salads and pilafs.
Medium Grain Rice
When compared to long grain rice, medium grain rice has a shorter, wider kernel that is two
to three times longer than its width. Cooked grains are more moist and tender than long
grain, and have a greater tendency to cling together. Great for entrees, sushi, risotto and
rice puddings.
Short Grain Rice
Short grain rice has a short, plump, almost round kernel. Cooked grains are soft and cling
together, yet remain separate and are somewhat chewy, with a slight springiness to the
bite. Great for sushi, Asian dishes and desserts.
For recipes and rice information visit the USA Rice Federation online at www.usarice.com/consumer.
Brown Rice
Brown rice is a 100% whole grain food that ts the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans
recommendation to increase daily intake of whole grains. Brown rice contains the nutrient-
dense bran and inner germ layer where many bene cial compounds are found. Brown rice
is available in short, medium and long grain varieties and can be used interchangeably with
enriched white rice.
Wild Rice
Wild rice is an aquatic grass grown in Minnesota and California and is a frequent addition
to long grain rice pilafs and rice mixes. Its unique avor, texture and rich dark color provide
a delicious accent to rice dishes. Wild rice also makes a wonderful stuf ng for poultry when
cooked with broth and mixed with your favorite dried fruits.
Courtesy of the USA Rice Federation