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EYE PROTECTION which conforms to ANSI specifications and provides protection against
lying particles both from the FRONT and SIDE shouldALWAYS be worn by the operator and
others in the work area when connecting to air supply, loading, operating or servicing this
ool. Eye protection is required to guard against flying fasteners and debris, which could
ause severe eye injury.
he employer and/or user must ensure that proper eye protection is worn. Eye protection
equipment must conform to the requirements of theAmerican National Standards Institute,
ANSI Z87.1 and provide both frontal and side protection. NOTE: Non-side shielded
spectacles and face shields alone do not provide adequate protection.
dditional Safety Protection will be required in some environments. For
example, the working area may include exposure to noise level which can lead to hearing
amage. The employer and user must ensure that any necessary hearing protection is
rovided and used by the operator and others in the work area. Some environments will
require the use of head protection equipment.When required, the employer and user must
nsure that head protection conforming toANSI Z89.1 is used.
Do not use oxygen, combustible gases, or bottled gases as a power source for this tool as
tool may explode, possibly causing injury.
Do not use supply sources which can potentially exceed 200 P.S.I.G. as tool may burst,
possibly causing injury.
The connector on the tool must not hold pressure when air supply is disconnected. If a
wrong fitting is used, the tool can remain charged with air after disconnecting and thus will
be able to drive a fastener even after the air line is disconnected possibly causing injury.
Do not pull trigger or depress contact arm while connected to the air supply as the tool may
cycle, possibly causing injury.
Always disconnect air supply: 1.) Before making adjustments; 2.) When servicing the tool;
3.)When clearing a jam; 4.)When tool is not in use;5.)When moving to a different work area,
as accidental actuation may occur, possibly causing injury.
When loading tool: 1.) Never place a hand or any part of body in fastener discharge area of
tool; 2.) Never point tool at anyone; 3.) Do not pull the trigger or depress the trip as
accidental actuation may occur, possibly causing injury.
Always handle the tool with care: 1.) Never engage in horseplay; 2.) Never pull the trigger
unless nose is directed toward the work; 3.) Keep others a safe distance from the tool while
tool is in operation as accidental actuation may occur, possibly causing injury.
The operator must not hold the trigger pulled on contact arm tools except during fastening
operation as serious injury could result if the trip accidentally contacted someone or
something, causing the tool to cycle.
Keep hands and body away from the discharge area of the tool. A contact arm tool may
bounce from therecoil of driving a fastener and an unwanted second fastener may be driven
possibly causing injury.
Check operation of the contact arm mechanism frequently. Do not use the tool if the arm
is not working correctly as accidental driving of a fastener may result. Do not interfere with
the proper operation of the contact arm mechanism.
Do not drive fasteners on top of other fasteners or with the tool at an overly steep angle as
this may cause deflection of fasteners which could cause injury.
Do not drive fasteners close to the edge of the work piece as the wood may split, allowing
the fastener to be deflected possibly causing injury.
ThisnailerproducesSPARKSduringoperation.NEVERusethenailernear flammablesubstances,
gases or vapors including lacquer, paint,benzine,thinner,gasoline, adhesives, mastics, glues or
any other material that is -- or the vapors, fumes or by-products of which are -- flammable,
combustible or explosive.Using the nailer in any such environment could cause an EXPLOSION
resulting in personal injury or death to user and bystanders.
When working on air tools note the warnings in this manual and use extra care when
evaluating problem tools.