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Safety Warnings and Instructions: Drills
WARNING: Shock hazard. When drilling or driving into walls, floors or wherever
live electrical wires may be encountered, DO NOT TOUCH ANY METAL PARTS OF
THE TOOL! Hold the tool only by the plastic handle(s) / housing to prevent shock.
Do not lock the tool ON when drilling by hand. Refer to Operating Instructions-Switching
On and Off.
Hold drill firmly with both hands to control
the twisting action of the drill (figure A). If
your drill is equipped with a side handle,
always use the side handle.
WARNING: Drill may stall (if overloaded or
improperly used) causing a twist. Always
expect the stall. Grip the drill firmly to control
the twisting action and prevent loss of control
which could cause personal injury. If a stall
does occur, release the trigger immediately
and determine the reason for the stall before
Always unplug the drill when attaching or
removing accessories. When attaching
accessories in the drill chuck, it is important to securely tighten the chuck using all three
holes to prevent slippage. When using a keyless chuck, hand tighten firmly.
Be sure your power supply agrees with nameplate marking. 120 Volts AC only means
your drill will operate on standard 60 Hz household power. Do not operate AC tools on
DC. A rating of 120 volts AC/DC means that your tool will operate on standard 60 Hz AC or
DC power. This information is printed on the nameplate. Lower voltage will cause loss of
power and can result in over-heating. All Black & Decker tools are factory-tested; if this
tool does not operate, check the power supply.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, before assembly,
make sure that the tool is switched off and unplugged.
Attaching the side handle - DR560 (fig. B)
If your drill is equipped with a side handle, it must be
installed properly to control the drill.
Turn the grip counterclockwise until you can slide the side
handle (8) onto the front of the tool as shown.
Rotate the side handle into the desired position.
Tighten the side handle by turning the grip clockwise.
Inserting a drill bit or other accessory (fig. C & D)
WARNING: Do not attempt to tighten drill bits (or any
other accessory) by gripping the front part of the
chuck and turning the tool on. Damage to the chuck
and personal injury may occur when changing
WARNING: Always ensure the bit is
secure before starting the tool. A loose bit
may eject from tool causing possible
personal injury.
Keyless two sleeve chuck (DR260) (fig. C)
Open the chuck (4) by grasping the rear half
(9) with one hand and use your other hand to
rotate the front sleeve (10) counterclockwise
as viewed from the chuck end.
Insert the accessory shaft into the chuck to
about 3/4in. (19 mm) depth, centered in the jaws.
Tighten securely by holding the rear half of
the chuck and rotating the front sleeve in the
clockwise direction as viewed from the chuck