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• Take the appliance and the charger to be tested at an authorized service facility.
Note: It may take as long as 60 minutes to determine that the battery is defective.
If the battery is too hot or too cold, the LED will alternately blink, fast and slow,
one flash at each speed and repeat.
Switching on and off
Figure B - To start, slide the On/Off switch
forward (i.e. “O”= Off, “I” = On).
• To stop, slide the switch back.
• Return the product to the charger immediately
after use so that it will be ready and fully charged
for the next use. Ensure that the product is fully
engaged with the charger base.
Cleaning and emptying the product
WARNING: Projectile/Respiratory Hazard: Never use the vac
without its filter.
NOTE: The filter is re-usable, do not confuse it with a disposable dust bag, and do not
throw it away when the product is emptied. We recommend that you replace the filter
every 6-9 months depending on frequency of use.
There are two methods of cleaning the bowl, a quick empty method and a thorough
clean method.
For a quick empty (figures C,D)
Figure C - Press in on both nozzle release
buttons on the sides of the nozzle and remove the
nozzle by pulling straight off.
Figure D - Empty the dust from the bowl.
• For a more thorough cleaning, remove bowl as
described in figures E, F, & G.