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How to Use
This unit is for household use only.
Remove all packing materials and any stickers from the product.
Remove and save literature.
Wash all removable parts as instructed in Care and Cleaning section of this manual.
Open one-piece cover for water reservoir and filter basket.
Pour fresh cold water up to 5-cup level mark into the water reservoir.
Place empty 4-cup or 8 to 12-cup basket style paper filter into removable filter basket.
Place basket into filter basket holder.
Uncoil power cord and plug into standard electrical outlet.
Brew water through appliance without adding coffee grounds. This removes any dust
or residue that may remain in the system during the manufacturing process.
Discard the water from the carafe and paper filter from filter basket.
Turn off the appliance; unplug it and allow appliance to cool down.
1. Open one-piece cover for water reservoir and filter basket.
2. Pour fresh cold water up to desired level mark into water reservoir.
3. Place empty 4-cup or 8 to 12-cup basket style paper filter into the removable
filter basket.
4. Insert filter basket into filter basket holder.
5. Add desired amount of ground coffee.
Note: Not sure how much coffee to use. Begin by using 1 level tablespoon of medium
grind coffee for each cup of coffee to be brewed.
6. Close lid securely.
7. Place empty carafe on the “Keep Hot” plate.
8. Plug cord into standard electrical outlet.
9. Press OFF/ON button; red light comes on and brewing begins.
10. Replace the carafe on the “Keep Hot” plate when not serving to keep coffee hot.
11. Unplug appliance when not in use.
Stir coffee in carafe before serving to evenly distribute the flavor.
For variety add a 1-inch piece of lemon or orange peel to the coffee grounds before
Add a 2-inch piece of vanilla bean to the sugar bowl. You’ll be surprised at how good
it tastes.
Keep your coffee maker very clean; you’ll be pleased with the flavor.
If coffee is left on the hot plate, be sure to remove the coffee grounds from the filter
basket as soon as they have cooled slightly.
1. One-piece cover for water reservoir and
filter basket
† 2. Filter basket holder with removable
filter basket (inside)
(Part# DCM600-01)
3. Water window with cup levels
4. Water-fill and brewed
coffee markings
(Models DCM600B & DCM600W)
† 5. 5-cup/25-oz. (740 ml) carafe
(Part# DCM600-02)
6. On/Off switch
7. Nonstick “Keep Hot” plate
8. Cord storage (not shown)
† Consumer replaceable/removable parts