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Ground coffee can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks
and still make fresh tasting coffee.
Use cold tap water; hot tap water that has been sitting in a water heater may give
your coffee a metallic taste.
Care and Cleaning
This appliance contains no user-serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified
service personnel.
1. Be sure the unit is unplugged and cooled.
2. Open the one-piece cover, remove the filter basket (lift straight up),
and discard the paper filter/grounds.
3. Discard the paper filter from the filter basket.
4. Wash the filter basket, carafe and carafe lid in the dishwasher, top-rack only
or hand-wash in warm, sudsy water.
5. To clean inside of reservoir cover, open the one-piece cover allowing
it to rest in the open position.
6. Pull water showerhead out from under the guide, wipe
surfaces with a damp cloth, then place water spreader
under guide and close the cover (B).
Mineral deposits left by hard water can clog your coffeemaker. Cleaning with
vinegar is recommended every 3 months.
1. Pour white vinegar into water reservoir up to 2-cup level on water window.
2. Add cold water up to 5-cup line.
3. Place a paper filter in the filter basket and close the cover.
4. Set empty carafe on the "Keep Hot" plate.
5. Turn on coffeemaker and let half the cleaning solution brew into carafe (till
water level goes down to around "3"). Turn off coffeemaker and let it soak for
at least 15 minutes to soften the deposits.
6. Turn on coffeemaker and brew remaining cleaning solution into carafe.
7. Turn off coffeemaker, empty carafe and discard soiled filter.
8. Fill reservoir with cold water to 5-cup line, replace empty carafe, then turn
on coffeemaker for a complete brew cycle to flush out remaining cleaning
solution. You may have to repeat this to eliminate the vinegar smell/taste.
9. Wash the brew basket and carafe as instructed in "CLEANING."
• Excessive steaming or a prolonged brewing cycle is a sign that a cleaning
is needed.
• The frequency of flushing out deposits is determined by your usage and
water hardness.
• During cleaning, more steaming occurs than when brewing coffee and there
may be some spitting.