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Kerf Indicator (Fig. 10)
The front of the saw foot plate has a kerf indicator for vertical and bevel
cutting. This indicator enables you to guide the saw along cutting lines
penciled on the material being cut. The indicator lines up with the left
(inner) side of the saw blade which makes the slot or “kerf” cut by the
moving blade, fall to the right of the indicator. The markings on the
front of the foot plate are in increments of 1/8"(3.2mm).
FIG. 10
Cut Length Indicator (Fig. 11)
The markings on the side of the foot plate
FIG. 11
show the length of the slot being cut into
the material at the full depth of the cut. The
markings are in increments of 1/8" (3.2mm).
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury, turn unit off and disconnect it
from power source before installing
and removing accessories, before
adjusting or when making repairs. An
accidental start-up can cause injury.
Proper Hand Position (Fig.12)
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
FIG. 12
serious personal injury,
proper hand position as shown.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
serious personal injury,
securely in anticipation of a sudden
Proper hand position requires one
hand on the main handle (B), with
the other hand on the auxiliary
handle (E).
Switch (Fig. 1)
Pull the trigger switch (A) to turn the motor on. Releasing the trigger
turns the motor off. This tool has no provision to lock the switch in the
on position, and the tool should never be locked on in any way.
Workpiece Support (Fig. 13–16)
WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal injury, support
the work properly and hold the saw firmly to prevent loss of control.
Figures 13 and 15 show proper sawing position. Figures 14 and 16
show an unsafe condition. Hands should be kept away from cutting
area, and power cord is positioned clear of the cutting area so that it
will not get caught or hung up on the work.
To avoid kickback, ALWAYS support board or panel NEAR the cut,
(Fig. 13 and 15). DON’T support board or panel away from the cut
(Fig.14 and 16). When operating the saw, keep the cord away from
the cutting area and prevent it from becoming hung up on the work
Place the work with its “good” side—the one on which appearance is