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DO NOT cover cooking vessel with a lid during oil heat-up or frying. This can cause oil to heat faster,
overheat, ignite and cause a fire.
8. When temperature reaches 325˚F - 350˚F
, reduce burner flame to lowest level. Wearing a
protective glove, remove thermometer from pot and attach to side of perforated basket with food
product already placed inside.
Thermometer will become very hot and cause burns if touched by bare hands. Always wear protective
gloves or mitts when handling a hot ther
9. Leaving burner flame at lowest setting, and wearing a protective glove, carefully and S-L-O-W-L-Y
lower the basket, with thermometer attached, and food product into the cooking oil. Inserting the
food product into hot oil will cause a brief and furious spatter, and will quickly reduce oil temperature.
Once spatter subsides, increase the flame so that temperature can return to 325˚F - 350˚F.
10. Frying time will be fast so NEVER LEAVE COOKING UNATTENDED and constantly monitor
your thermometer.
Regardless of thermometer reading, if the oil/grease starts to smoke, turn OFF fuel supply to the
ner and STOP COOKING IMMEDIATELY. This indicates the thermometer is not working properly.
Discard the thermometer and call 1-800-864-6194 M-F 8am - 5pm CST for assistance.
Replacement thermometer Model #5020 or #5025.
3. Add the deter
mined amount of oil/grease into the cooking vessel.
4. Attach your thermometer to the pot, making certain the stem is immersed into the oil at least 1-inch.
5. Light the burner on the cooker as described.
NOTE: Spend a few moments to adjust the flame up and down to become familiar with flame adjustment
Thermometer shall be attached to the cooking vessel for heat-up period only. Later, attach thermometer
to the basket for fr
6. Reduce bur
ner flame to lowest possible setting and carefully set cooking vessel with oil and thermometer
onto the cooker.
7. Increase flame to desired level and monitor your thermometer. When using 3-quarts of oil or less,
the heat-up time to reach 325˚F to 350˚F will take from 3 to 5 minutes. Actual heat-up time will vary
depending on type and amount of oil used, regulator setting, ambient temperature and wind.