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2. After cooking, let pans and lids cool gradually
. Do not pour cold water into a hot pan. This can cause
the bottom of the pan to warp, and it can cause oil/grease to splatter. Always wash the pans thoroughly
in hot, soapy detergent after each use to remove all traces of food, salt, or grease particles that will
burn causing stains when the pan is reheated.
3. Seasoning the pots will make cleaning easier. Scouring pads and aluminum cleaners are okay for the
interior of the pots, but will scratch the exterior.
4. Polished aluminum pots will tarnish and discolor with normal use.
Our motto is: “The uglier the pot, the better it cooks!” Occasional use of "Cream of Tartar" will bring
back some of the luster. However, aluminum pots will tarnish and become dull with normal use.
5. Boiling with large quantities of salt is very corrosive and can cause pits in the pot and basket.
To reduce the chance of this occurring, do not allow salt water or seasoned oil/grease to remain in
the pot for a long period of time after the pot has cooled. The basket and pot should be thoroughly
cleaned after each use. DO NOT store cooking oil inside the pots. Salt and seasonings will settle and
can cause pits to form at the bottom of the pot.
Stainless Steel Cookware
1. Before using for the first time, wash in hot soapy water. Dry immediately to prevent water spots.
To prevent scratches, avoid using sharp utensils when cooking.
2. Discoloration of stainless steel cookware will result if the pieces are allowed to overheat excessively.
For hard-to-clean stains or discoloration of the stainless steel, use a nonabrasive stainless steel cleaner.
Follow the directions on the container using a clean, damp sponge or cloth. Do Not scrub finish with
a soap-filled steel wool pad or harsh abrasive cleanser as scratching will occur.
Cast Iron Cookware Seasoning Instructions
Seasoning prevents rust & keeps food from sticking.
1. Wash cast iron cookware in warm soapy water to remove the Paraffin wax coating.
2. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
3. Coat the entire surface of the cookware with solid vegetable shortening. Place in 300˚F oven for one
hour. Hint: Season the cookware outside in a gas grill keeping smoke and vapors away from the house.
4. Remove from oven or gas grill, pour out excess grease and wipe with a paper towel.
Properly seasoned cast iron cookware will turn black after repeated use. This is normal.
Polished Aluminum Pots
1. It is recommended to season the pot before use. Pour small amount of vegetable oil inside and spread
it with a paper towel until the entire bottom and sides are coat
ed. Let it stand for 10 minutes. Wash
out the interior of the pot, it will be ready to use. DO NOT apply to flame during any of this process.
Empty aluminum pots will melt if placed on cooker over an open flame.