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• DON’T ABUSE CORD – Never carry trimmer by cord or yank it to disconnect from
receptacle. Keep cord from heat, oil, and sharp edges.
• REPLACEMENT PARTS – When servicing use only identical replacement parts.
MAINTAIN TRIMMERS WITH CARE – Follow instructions in maintenance section. Keep
handles dry, clean and free from oil and grease.
CHECK DAMAGED PARTS – Before further use of the trimmer, a guard or other part
that is damaged should be carefully checked to determine that it will operate properly and
perform its intended function. Check for alignment of moving parts, binding of moving parts,
breakage of parts, mounting, and any other condition that may affect its operation. A guard
or other part that is damaged should be properly repaired or replaced by an authorized
service center unless otherwise indicated elsewhere in this manual.
DO NOT immerse
in water or squirt it with a hose. DO NOT allow any liquid to get inside it.
• DONOTstorethetrimmer on or adjacent to fertilizers or chemicals.
• DONOTcleanwithapressurewasher.
• Keepguardsinplaceandinworkingorder.
• Keephandsandfeetawayfromcuttingarea.
Do not use
if the switch trigger does not turn the
on or off.
that can not be controlled with the switch trigger is dangerous and must be repaired.
The label on your trimmer may include the following symbols. The symbols and their
definitions are as follows:
V ..................volts A ................... amperes
Hz ................hertz W ..................watts
min ..............minutes
or Ac ........alternating current
or DC ...direct current
o .................no load speed
................Class I Construction .................earthing terminal
................safety alert symbol
................Class II Construction .../min or rpm...revolutions or
(double insulated) reciprocation per minute
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, this equipment has a polarized plug (one
blade is wider than the other) and will require the use of a polarized extension cord. The trimmer
plug will fit into a polarized extension cord only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the
extension cord, reverse the plug. If the plug still does not fit, obtain a correct polarized extension
cord. A polarized extension cord will require the use of a polarized wall outlet. This plug will fit
into the polarized wall outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the wall outlet, reverse
the plug. If the plug still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper wall outlet.
Do not change the equipment plug, extension cord receptacle, or extension cord plug in any way.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock, use only with an extension cord
intended for outdoor use, such as an extension cord of cord type SW-A, SOW-A, STW-A,
Make sure your extension cord is
in good condition. When using an
extension cord, be sure to use one
heavy enough to carry the current
your product will draw. An undersized
cord will cause a drop in line voltage
resulting in loss of power and
overheating. The table shows the
correct size to use depending on cord
length and nameplate ampere rating. If in doubt, use the next heavier gauge. The smaller the gauge
number, the heavier the cord. If the extension will be used outside, the cord must be suitable for
outdoor work. The letters “WA” on the cord jacket indicate that the cord is suitable for outdoor use.
Minimum Gauge for Cord Sets
Volts Total Length of Cord in Feet
120V 0-25 26-50 51-100 101-150
(0-7,6m) (7,6-15,2m) (15,2-30,4m) (30,4-45,7m)
Ampere Rating
More Not more American Wire Gauge
Than Than
6 - 10 18 16 14 12