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he Contact Trip will not prevent a nail from being accidentally driven if the trigger is
depressed and the “trip” is bumped against any object or person. Never hold or carry the
tool with your finger on the trigger. Only depress and hold trigger when you intend to
apidly drive multiple nails and the tool is pointed at the work surface.
When using conventional Contact Trip for Place Nailing, the tool may bounce due to recoil,
and if the tool is allowed to re-contact the work surface while you are holding the trigger
ulled, a second unwanted nail will be driven. You should allow the tool to recoil far enough
to release the trip and avoid a second cycle. Don’t push the tool down extra hard; let the
tool do the work.
he operator must not hold the trigger pulled on contact trip tools except during fastening
operation, as serious injury could result if the trip accidentally contacted someone or
something, causing the tool to cycle.
eep hands and body away from the discharge area of the tool. A contact trip tool may
bounce from the recoil of driving a fastener and an unwanted second fastener may be
driven, possibly causing injury.
ever use utility hook to hang tool from body, clothing or belt.