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WARNING: Read and understand all
instructions. Failure to follow all
instructions listed below may result in
electric shock, fire and/or serious personal
Safety Instructions
DANGER: Laser Radiation, avoid
direct eye exposure, serious eye injury
can result.
Do not use optical tools such as a
telescope or transit to view the laser
Position the laser so unintentional eye
contact will be avoided.
Do not operate the laser around children
or allow children to operate the laser.
Do not disassemble. Modifying the
product in any way can increase the risk
of laser radiation.
WARNING: Use of controls or
adjustments or performance of
procedures other than those specified in
this manual may result in hazardous laser
radiation exposure.
Do not operate in explosive atmospheres,
such as in the presence of flammable
liquids, gases, or dust.
Use only with the specifically designated
batteries. Use of any other batteries may
create a risk of fire.
Store idle product out of reach of children
and other untrained persons. Lasers are
dangerous in the hands of untrained
Use only accessories that are
recommended by the manufacturer for
your model. Accessories that may be
suitable for one laser, may create a risk of
injury when used on another laser.
Repairs and servicing MUST be
performed by a qualified repair facility.
Repairs performed by unqualified
personnel could result in serious injury.
Do not remove or deface warning labels.
Removing labels increases the risk of
exposure to radiation.
For indoor use only.
This product is intended for use in a
temperature range of 41°F(5°C) -
CAUTION: Use caution when drilling,
nailing or cutting into walls, floors and
ceilings which may contain electrical
wiring or pipes. Always turn off the
power when working near electrical
CAUTION: Use of controls or
adjustments or performance of procedures
other than those specified in this manual
ay result in hazardous laser radiation
The label on your tool may include the
following symbols.
V ................................volts
mW ............................milliwatts
nm..............................wavelength in
Class 2 ......................Class 2 Laser
For your convenience and safety, the
following labels are on your laser.