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Press button the other way, and the laser
line directs out the right side of the unit.
With the button pushed back to center, the
laser line is projected vertically.
Always store the laser indoors with the
ON/OFF actuator (1) in the “OFF” position.
Use only mild soap and damp cloth to clean
the tool. Never let any liquid get inside the
tool; never immerse any part of the tool into
a liquid.
IMPORTANT: To assure product SAFETY
and RELIABILITY, repairs, maintenance
and adjustment (other than those listed in
this manual) should be performed by
authorized service centers or other qualified
service personnel, always using identical
replacement parts.
Recommended accessories for use with
your tool are available from your local
dealer or authorized service center. If you
need assistance regarding accessories,
please call:
1-800-54-HOW-TO (544-6986).
WARNING: The use of any accessory
not recommended for use with this tool
could be hazardous.
Service Information
All Black & Decker Service Centers are
staffed with trained personnel to provide
customers with efficient and reliable power
tool service. Whether you need technical
advice, repair, or genuine factory
replacement parts, contact the Black &
The protractor window backlight will go
The laser will project a “plumb” line
vertically. (fig. I)
Directing the Laser Line - figure
The laser can be projected level to the left,
plumb (straight up) and level to the right.
The buttons on the sides (3 & 4) are used
to change the direction of the laser line.
To change the direction, push the button
in the direction you want the laser to go.
In figure K the button is fully depressed,
and a level laser line is directed out the
left side of the unit.