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Installing the Batteries - figure A
Ensure laser on/off actuator (1) is in the
full off position by sliding the actuator to
the left “OFF” position.
Open the battery compartment cover (8)
located on the back of the unit. Insert 2
fresh 1.5 volt AAA batteries making sure
to match (+) and (-) terminals correctly.
Close battery compartment cover and
click into place.
WARNING: Batteries can explode, or
leak, and can cause injury or fire. To
reduce this risk:
Carefully follow all instructions and
warnings on the battery label and
Always insert batteries correctly with regard
to polarity (+ and -), marked on the battery
and the equipment.
Do not short battery terminals.
Do not charge batteries.
Do not mix old and new batteries. Replace
all of them at the same time with new
batteries of the same brand and type.
Remove dead batteries immediately and
dispose of per local codes.
Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
Keep batteries out of reach of children.
Remove batteries if the device will not be
used for several months.
“Transporting batteries can possibly
cause fires if the battery terminals
inadvertently come in contact with
conductive materials such as keys,
coins, hand tools and the like. The US
Department of Transportation
Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR)
actually prohibit transporting batteries in
commerce or on airplanes (i.e. packed
in suitcases and carryon luggage)
UNLESS they are properly protected
from short circuits. So when
transporting individual batteries, make
sure that the battery terminals are
protected and well insulated from
materials that could contact them and
cause a short circuit.”