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Your cooker is equipped with a Type-1 connection device
with the following features:
1. The system will not allow gas flow from the cylinder
until a positive connection to the cylinder valve has been made.
NOTE: The cylinder valve must be turned off (clockwise)
before any connection is made or removed.
2. A flow limiting device, when activated, restricts the
flow of gas to 10 cubic feet per hour.
NOTE: the flow limiting device is a safety feature that can be activated when attempting to light cooker.
If this occurs, refer to Trouble Shooting on pages 23 - 24 for proper remedy.
The pressure regulator and hose assembly supplied with your gas cooker is designed to work with
an LP gas supply cylinder
DO NOT attempt to connect it to any other fuel supply source such as a natural gas line.
DO NOT use any other pressure regulator/hose assembly than the one supplied with your cooker.
DO NOT attempt to adjust or repair the regulator. A replacement regulator can be supplied by
contacting Barbour International, Inc. at 1-800-864-6194. The regulator is designed to operate at
a maximum output pressure of 10 psi (pounds per square inch).
Never use your cooker without leak testing all gas connections, regulator hose assembly and weld
seams on propane tank. See the section on "Gas Leak Testing" in this manual for proper procedures.
The Regulator Hose Assembly is a pre-assembled unit. Do not take
apart. Simply connect the regulator
hose assembly to the LP gas cylinder and to the cooker. An adjustable wrench is needed when attaching
the hose to the burner.
Visually inspect the regulator hose assembly prior to each use. If there is evidence of abrasion, wear,
cuts or leaks, the hose must be replaced prior to the appliance being put into operation.
Call 1-800-864-6194 for replacement Model #M5HPR. M-F 8am - 5pm CST.
Attach hose connector to the burner in one of two ways as shown below.
Turn Air Control Shutter to
adjust flame quality
Wrench Tighten
Wrench Tighten
Turn Air Control Shutter to
adjust flame quality
Place large end of spring
against Air Control Shutter
Screws may need tightening
over tighten!
TYPE-1 Connector
Coupling Nut
Brass Orifice
For connection to
LP Gas Cylinder
For connection to Burner
Control Knob