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The gas leak test must be performed in an area that has
adequate lighting in order to see if bubbles are developing.
DO NOT use a flashlight to check for bubbbles.
1. Create a mixture of 50% water and
50% liquid dishwashing soap.
2. Turn the gas cylinder valve to the OFF position (clockwise).
Then turn regulator control knob to OFF position
3. To turn ON the fuel supply, turn the cylinder valve
knob one turn counter-clockwise. Gas will flow through
and stop at the regulator.
4. Using a clean brush, apply the soap water mixture
to the following:
LP Cylinder welds
Connection Nut to Cylinder Valve
Back side of Connection Nut to Brass Nipple
Control Knob on Regulator
Regulator connection to Gas Supply Hose
Gas Supply Hose connection to Burner Assembly
Cylinder Valve to Cylinder
Full length of Gas Supply Hose
5. Check each place A - F for growing bubbles which indicates a leak.
6. Next, turn ON regulator control knob (clockwise) to permit
gas to pass through the hose. Apply soap water mixture to full
length of gas supply hose and connection to burner assembly.
Check each place for growing bubbles, G & H,
which indicates a leak.
7. Turn OFF gas supply valve (clockwise) on LP Gas Cylinder.
8. Turn regulator control knob to OFF position (counter-clockwise).
9. Tighten any leaking connections.
10. Repeat soap water mixture test until no leaks are detected.
DO NOT use cooker if gas leaks cannot be stopped.
Call 1-800-864-6194 M-F 8am - 5pm CST for assistance, or
contact a qualified appliance repair service.
11. After you are certain there are no leaks, turn tank valve and regulator control knob to OFF position.
Wait 5 minutes for any gas fumes to evacuate before lighting the burner.
If growing soap bubbles persist throughout any portion of the Gas Leak Test, terminate use immediately.
For assistance, contact your propane dealer or Barbour Inter
national, Inc. at 1-800-864-6194.
Watch for Bubbles