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of 28
11. When fr
ying is complete, first turn off gas supply at the cylinder valve, then close regulator control
knob, do this before removing the basket from hot oil.
12. Wearing protective gloves, carefully remove basket from the oil. Keep the basket above the pot.
Position hang tab above rim of pot, then set the basket down to drain.
13. While basket sets on the pot edge, wear protective gloves and carefully remove the thermometer
from the basket.
14. After hot oil has sufficiently drained, carefully remove food from basket. Allow liquid to cool to 115˚F
(45˚C) or below before moving cooking vessel.
Wait for oil to cool to or below 115˚F (45˚C) before pouring into a plastic container.
Hot oil can melt the plastic.
Fryer thermometer should not be inserted into food or touching food when measuring temperature
of cooking oil. End of the ther
mometer stem should be at least 1 inch below oil level.
When using 10-qt pot and basket, always hang basket directly over pot on the hang tab. This allows
hot liquid to drain back into pot. Hanging the basket in any other way could cause the pot to tip
, spilling hot liquid. The 10-qt pot and basket are NOT to be used for frying whole turkeys.
9. Leaving bur
ner flame at lowest setting, and wearing a protective glove, carefully and S-L-O-W-L-Y
lower the basket, with thermometer attached and food product, into the cooking oil. Inserting the
food product into hot oil will cause a brief and furious spatter, and will quickly reduce oil temperature.
10. Frying time will be fast so NEVER LEAVE COOKING UNATTENDED and constantly monitor
the thermometer.
Regardless of thermometer reading, if the oil/grease starts to smoke, turn OFF fuel supply to the
ner and STOP COOKING IMMEDIATELY. This indicates the thermometer is not working properly.
Discard the thermometer and call 1-800-864-6194 M-F 8am - 5pm CST for assistance.
Replacement thermometer Model #5020 or #5025.
When fr
ying the very first basket of food product, the food may reach proper doneness before the cooking
oil returns to the optimum frying range between 325˚F to 350˚F. This is normal.
For subsequent basket loads of food, the oil should return to the 325˚F to 350˚F cooking range while
the food product fries to proper doneness.
As cooking process continues, a steady frying temperature can be maintained with burner flame adjusted
to a lower setting.