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Wiring diagram
RP2300FC with LED Job Light, Electronic Control
Grip R
Lead Wire
When putting Lead wires for
connecting to Terminal block,
into this Lead wire holder,
Controller’s thin Lead wire (purple)
has to be put under the following
Lead wires.
* Controller’s thick Lead wire (red)
* Thick Connecting lead wire (purple)
for connecting Switch to Terminal
Switch lever
of Controller
The extra portion of Controller’s
thin Lead wires (black, red) to be
connected to LED has to be put
in this position.
Connector of Controller’s lead wires
has to be connected to LED circuit,
facing Lead wire (Red) to Red
marking side.
And put the Lead wires into Lead
wire holder.
Terminal block
Wiring in Motor housing
on Grip R side (Switch side)
Connecting lead wires
(orange purple) to be
connected to Switch in
Grip R
Fig. D-2B
Lead wire holder
Controller’s lead wire (red)
Red marking
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