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[3]-2. Armature, Motor bracket complete
(1) Assemble Ball bearing 6205DDW to Motor bracket. Refer to the right illustration in Fig. 14.
(2) In case of RP1800F, RP1801F, RP2300FC and RP2301FC, secure LED circuit with 4x12 Tapping screw (2pcs.).
Refer to the center illustration in Fig. 14.
(3) Tighten Bearing retainer 60 with M4x14 Countersunk head screw (3pcs.) to secure Ball bearing 6205DDW.
Refer to the left illustration in Fig. 14.
Note: Apply adhesive ThreeBond 1321 / 1342 or Loctite 242 to the threaded portion of M4x14 Countersunk head
screw (3pcs.)
(4) Assemble Lock lever to Motor bracket as illustrated in Figs. 16, 17 and 18.
Hooking the long tail of Torsion spring 15 on the wall of Motor bracket,
turn Lock lever without engaging the spline hole with the hex screw head
of M10 Set bolt until it comes to the position illustrated right.
M10 Set boltLock lever
Screw M10 Set bolt to Motor bracket
with Lock Lever.
Put Torsion spring 15 into
Lock lever so that the short tail
of Torsion spring 15 faces
Lock lever.
Putting the long tail of
Torsion spring 15 on
the edge of Lock lever,
set Torsion spring 15 in place.
Motor bracket
Short tail
Long tail
Spline hole
Long tail of
Torsion spring 15
Torsion spring 15
Lock lever
30 degrees
Engaging the spline hole of the Lock lever
with the hex screw head of M10 Set bolt,
push Lock lever as illustrated above.
Secure Lock lever with
M5x12 Pan head screw.
M5x12 Pan head
Fig. 16
Fig. 17
Fig. 18
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