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[3]-2. Gear section (Spiral bevel gear 32, Helical gear 14, Helical gear 27, Helical gear 28)
Fig. 30
Fig. 31
(5) Secure Spiral bevel gear 32 with Retaining ring S-12 as illustrated in Fig. 30.
Inserting Rubber washer 12 between
Flat washers 12, mount these washers
to the shaft of Helical gear 14. And put
Retaining ring S-12 onto Flat washer 12.
Rubber washer 12
Flat washer 12
Retaining ring S-12
Put Bearing box on 1R036.
Applying 1R028 to Retaining ring S-12,
press the 1R028 with Arbor press.
Retaining ring S-12 can be fit to the groove on
the shaft of Helical gear 14.
Retaining ring
(6) Mount the assembled Gear section to Blade case by fastening with M5x16 Pan head screw (3pcs.).
And fasten Bearing retainer 51 with M5x16 Countersunk head screw (2pcs.). Refer to Fig. 21.
(7) Mount Flat washer 5 and Spring washer 5 to the shaft of Helical gear 14. And tighten M5 Hex nut with Socket wrench 8
while pressing Shaft lock. Refer to the right illustration in Fig. 20.
(8) Referring to Fig. 20, firmly tighten Bearing retainer 14-23 which has been provisionally tightened in the step in Fig. 28.
Use 1R361 for tightening the Bearing retainer.
(9) Mount Motor housing to Blade case. Refer to the left illustration in Fig. 14 and the left illustration in Fig. 13.
(10) Assemble Link plate complete. Refer to Fig. 9.
[3]-3. Safety lock mechanism
M4x10 Pan
head screw (2pcs.)
Lock lever
Remove Lock lever from Rod 8 by
unscrewing M4x10 Pan head screws.
Remove Torsion spring 8 from
Rod 8.
Remove Rod holder from Blade case.
Pull off Rod 8 from Rod holder.
Rod 8
Torsion spring 8
Torsion spring 8
Rod 8
Disassemble as illustrated in Fig. 31.
Rod 8
Rod holder
4x16 Tapping screw (2pcs.)
Rod 8 Stop ring E-6Rod holder
P 14/ 37