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of 37
[3]-6. Positive lock mechanism of Turn base (cont.)
[3]-7. Assembling of Square rod complete
[3]-8. Stopper pin
Note: Assemble Grip 50 to Miter lock plate as illustrated in Fig. 46
so that the notch of Cam portion faces the upper side.
Match both ends of Square rod complete with
the notches of Arm holder complete on condition
that the notches are closest position to the center
of Turn base, and tighten M5x30 Hex bolt (2pcs.)
as illustrated in Fig. 47.
Note: Face the concave of Square rod complete to the
center of Turn base.
1) Push Knob 20 to lock Blade case at highest position
in the moving range.
Then remove M6x20 Hex socket head bolt for
securing Link plate. (Fig. 48)
2) Lower Blade case slightly to hold Stopper pin, turn
Knob 20 counterclockwise a little.
Note: Do not remove Knob 20, or Stopper pin will not
be pulled.
3) Remove Blade case section according to the step
shown in clause [3]-1.
4) Remove Knob 20 from Stopper pin, and then pull out
Stopper pin in the direction designated with black
arrow in Fig. 48.
Take the disassembling step in reverse.
Note: Apply Makita grease SG No.00 to O ring 5 that
is fit into Stopper pin. Refer to Fig. 1.
Square rod
center of
Turn base
notch of Cam portion
of Grip 50
Miter lock plate
Fig. 46
Fig. 47
Fig. 48
P 19/ 37
M5x30 Hex bolt (2pcs.)
notches of
Arm holder
threaded holes of
Arm holder complete
Arm holder complete
Link plate
Knob 20 Stopper pin
M6x20 Hex
socket head bolt
Flat washer 6
Ring 6