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of 37
case of Power
supply circuit
Pass Lead wires from Motor housing
through the notch of Handle.
Wiring in Motor housing and Handle for UK 110V
Pass the Lead wires through the Rib
for Laser switch unit. Do not put
the Lead wires on the Ribs.
Field lead wires
* (orange)
* (black)
* (yellow)
Do not put Lead wires on ribs.
ribs for Laser
switch unit
Lead wire (black) for connecting
Main switch and Terminal block
Wind Lead wires to Line filter
one time as illustrated right.
Lead wre (red) for connecting
Controller and Terminal block
Line filter
Wiring on Line filter
Fig. D-2B
Field lead wires have to be tightened
in the Motor housing so as not to
touch Armature.
Wiring diagram
P 36/ 37