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of 37
[3]-1. Blade case, Motor section
Remove Strain reliefs from Arm complete and
Blade case by unscrewing 4x12 Tapping screw
Link plate
Remove Link plate as illustrated below.
Blade case
Fig. 8
Fig. 7
Fig. 9
1. Remove Stop ring E-5, Flat washer 6 and Ring 6.
Link plate complete can be free from blade case.
2. Remove M6x20 Hex socket head bolt, Flat washer 6
and Ring 6. Link plate complete can be free from
Front arm.
Ring 6
Flat washer 6
Ring 6
Flat washer 6
Stop ring E-5
M6x20 Hex socket head bolt
Knob 20
Aligning notch B with Stopper pin, push Knob 20 toward the notch.
Blade case can be locked at starting position.
Remove M4x10 Pan head screw (2pcs.) for Guard as illustrated below
and then separate Guard section.
notch A: locking Blade case to
Base at 90 degrees
notch B: locking Blade case
at starting position
notch C: locking Blade case
at the lowest position
Blade case
Note: Refer to Fig. 7. The three notches on Blade case have
important role for disassembly / assembly.
(1) Disconnect the linkage of Blade case with Arm and Base
section by removing Strain relief and Link plate as
illustrated in Figs. 8 and 9.
notch B
Strain relief
4x12 Tapping screw
4x12 Tapping screw
Strain relief
P 6/ 37
Guard section
M4x10 Pan head screw