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CAUTION: Unplug the tool and remove the saw blade from the machine for safety before
repair/ maintenance in accordance with the instruction manual!
Code No. Description Use for
1R028 Bearing setting pipe 20-12.2 Mounting Retaining ring S-12
1R031 Bearing setting pipe 28-12.2 Mounting Helical gear 27
1R034 Bearing setting plate 12.2 Mounting Helical gear 27
1R036 Bearing setting plate 17.2 Mounting Helical gear 28
1R045 Gear extractor (large) Mounting / Removing Helical gear 14
1R207 45-degree set square Adjusting the bevel angle of Saw blade to 45 degree
1R208 90-degree set square Adjusting the bevel angle of Saw blade to 90 degree
1R217 Ring 22 Removing Helical gear 27
1R220 Ratchet head 27 Attachment for 1R254
1R222 Socket adapter Attachment for 1R254
1R232 Pipe 30 Mounting Helical gear 28
1R254 Torque wrench shaft 2 - 6 N.m Tightening Hex lock nut M10-17
1R269 Bearing extractor (small) Removing Ball bearings
1R291 Retaining ring S and R pliers Removing Retaining ring in Gear section
1R315 Laser beam positioning jig Adjusting Laser beam
253771-0 Flat washer 16 Adjusting Laser beam
782232-8 Box wrench 13 (standard accessory) Installing /Removing Blade Adjusting Blade position
134829-3 Socket 17-38 assembly Attachment for 1R254
1R346 Center attachment Attachment for 1R045
1R361 Bearing retainer wrench 14-23 Mounting / Removing Bearing retainer wrench 14-23
Apply Lubricants to the designated portions in order to protect parts and product from unusual abrasion.
Fig. 4
Item No. Description Portion to lubricate Lubricant Amount
a little
Tip portion which contacts with 196 Leaf spring
Whole portion
Pin portion for receiving Stopper
Arm section
Arm complete
Portion where Arm’s hole without thread contacts
Rubber ring 9
195 Lock pin 8 Portion where Compression spring 6 contacts VG100 designated with
designated with
designated with
196 Leaf spring
Surface where 195 and Compression spring 6 contact
197 Center shaft
Retaining ring S-12
Flat washer 12
M10 Hex bolt as an axis of Lever 105
Pin portion of Arm for receiving Stopper
Lever 105
Makita grease SG.No.00
Makita grease SG.No.00
spring 6