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[3]-9. Front arm section
Refer to Fig. 49.
1) Loosen M6x8 Hex. socket set screw (2pcs.) on Pipe
holder and remove Pipe holder.
2) Loosen M6x18 Thumb screw and pull out Front
arm complete straightly in the direction designated with
white arrow to prevent the pipes from being stuck.
Take the disassembling step in reverse.
1) Loosen Lever 105 by turning counterclockwise. (Fig. 50)
2) Remove M4x10 Pan head screw and then remove Lever 105. (Fig. 51)
3) Remove M10 Hex bolt and Flat washer 10. (Fig. 51)
4) Remove M10-17 Hex lock nut using Box wrench 17.
Flat washer 10 (2pcs.) and Thrust needle cage 1024 can be removed as illustrated in Fig. 52.
5) Remove Arm section from Arm holder complete. (Fig. 53)
6) Remove Retaining ring S-12 from the groove on Arm using 1R291.
Stopper, Flat washer 12 and Torsion spring 14 can be removed. (Fig. 54)
Remove CT 4x16 Tapping screw (3pcs.) Pointer and Arm cover. (Fig. 54)
Fig. 49
Fig. 50
Fig. 53
Fig. 51 Fig. 52
Fig. 54
P 20/ 37
M6x8 Hex. socket
set screw (2pcs.)
Pipe holder
Front arm
Pipes of Front arm complete
M6x18 Thumb screw
[3]-10. Arm complete, Arm holder
Lever 105
Arm section
Arm cover
Arm holder complete
Groove on Arm for
fitting Retainer ring S-12 Retainer ring S-12
Flat washer 12
spring 14
CT 4x16
Tapping screw
Lever 105
M4x10 Pan
head screw
M10 Hex bolt
Flat washer 10
Hex lock nut
Thrust needle cage 1024
Flat washer 10